Maya Vision International’s crews cover the world. From the Amazon to Afghanistan, Mexico to Mongolia, Lesbos to Lebanon, entertaining, educating and inspiring global audiences for more than 30 years.

Our diverse range of documentaries bring history alive, celebrate great art and artists and explain a complex world for each new generation of viewers.  Whether celebrating British history or the Story of China, investigating the shadowy origins of Islam or following modern pilgrims on the world’s most Sacred Journeys, Maya Vision International is an industry leader and winner of many of television’s top awards, many of which with the acclaimed historian and broadcaster, Michael Wood.

Collegial and committed to great storytelling, we work with the best crews and on-screen presenters from Britain and around the world. And while documenting past and present, we are proud of having nurtured young talent to successful careers through our short film production.

Maya Vision International produces across all media platforms, from broadcast television to theatrical to corporate and the web, and our programs are trusted and celebrated around the world.