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SCEN China Youth Summit

Here’s another event Michael is doing, this time in Scotland!

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of SCEN (Scotland China Education Network), on Friday 2nd December, Michael will be doing a talk about The Story of China at the SCEN China Youth Summit!

Michael will discuss his recent 6-part history documentary series on the history of China, accompanied by clips from the show.

Michael Wood with students at Yanshi middle school where there is a tomb monument to poet Du Fu

Michael Wood with students at Yanshi middle school in China


The Pentland Auditorium,
Edinburgh International Conference Centre,
Morrison Street, Edinburgh, EH3 8EE.



Event and Refreshments free.

Please book with Judith McClure: judithmcclure12a@aol.com

For more information, see the link here


Pembroke College Oxford, Lecture

Michael Wood talk on the 'Excitement of history' at Pembroke College

Michael Wood talk on the ‘Excitement of history’ at Pembroke College

Michael Wood on The Excitement of History at Pembroke College, Oxford.

At this Pembroke College lecture Michael Wood will speak on ‘The Excitement of History: Making History Programmes on TV’.

With clips from over thirty years of making history documentaries, historian and film maker Michael Wood talks about some of the different ways of looking at history for popular audiences, including New World, Chinese and Indian history.

This event will begin at 5pm, and will be followed by your questions and a drinks reception.

This event is free and open to all. Registration is required. Please register via Eventbrite.

For more details, see here


Hakluyt Society Lecture

Michael Wood is doing a free public lecture ‘Voyages, Traffiques, Discoveries’ for the Hakluyt Society this Friday, 25/11, 5-6.45PM Examination Schools (South), Oxford. No registration is required.

We would love to see you there!

Historian, broadcaster and filmmaker Michael Wood will be speaking on Friday in Oxford as part of the 400th anniversary celebrations for Richard Hakluyt who died the same year as Shakespeare in 1616.  Hakluyt is an absolutely fascinating figure says Michael, his book is an astounding compilation of English voyages and discoveries up to his time – what we might call the beginnings of the great British historical adventure.

(Michael tells us:) Speaking personally, I have loved travelling since I was a teenager- first hitching round Europe, sleeping in the mountains of Greece; then further afield. And as a film maker, I have been lucky enough to have had the chance to make many documentary films which have followed great journeys in History- not staying in Hilton hotels, but on the ground, sleeping out, going over the terrain with great figures in history, texts in hand.

In the late nineties we followed Alexander the Great’s entire route from Greece through Iran and Central Asia to India; a series which has been seen in 130 territories.  Then our Conquistadors series involved epic journeys in the footsteps of Cortes, Pizarro, Orellana and Cabeza de Vaca in Central America, the Andes and Amazonia. More recently I followed Antonio Andrade’s literally fantastic journey from India to Western Tibet and Mount Kailash and this year in the Story of China I had the chance to reprise the Buddhist monk Xuanzang’s epic journey from  China to India along the Silk Road. So the themes of this exciting and path breaking conference are very near to my heart. It is no surprise that I think travel broadens the mind!!

In my talk I shall be telling some intriguing stories from Mexico, China and South India in the Age of Discovery and showing clips from several of our films. Each of the stories opens up themes which are still really important to us today – namely the Western impact on the world and our understanding of other cultures and civilisations whose values are different from our own – in other words, our sympathy and empathy for ‘the Other.’   To my mind these are still relevant, indeed burning issues in the 21st century. A couple of tales and clips will be less known to the audience, and one I hope will be for nearly everyone, a total and delightful surprise!!

Michael Wood - Historian, broadcaster and filmmaker

Michael Wood – Historian, broadcaster and filmmaker


Ann Fender Memorial Lecture

If you’re in Lichfield on Thursday 17 November at 19.30 , we’d love you to join Michael for the Ann Fender Memorial Lecture at Lichfield Cathedral on ‘The Lady of the Mercians: The Forgotten Story of the Making of England’.

This is a free event at Lichfield Cathedral and open to all, but all donations will be very warmly received.
The Ann Fender Memorial Lecture with Michael Wood



Maya Vision International’s crews cover the world. From the Amazon to Afghanistan, Mexico to Mongolia, Lesbos to Lebanon, entertaining, educating and inspiring global audiences for more than 30 years.

Our diverse range of documentaries bring history alive, celebrate great art and artists and explain a complex world for each new generation of viewers.  Whether celebrating British history or the Story of China, investigating the shadowy origins of Islam or following modern pilgrims on the world’s most Sacred Journeys, Maya Vision International is an industry leader and winner of many of television’s top awards, many of which with the acclaimed historian and broadcaster, Michael Wood.

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