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Philip Taylor 1967 – 2015

Philip Taylor

Philip Taylor

Philip Taylor passed away suddenly and very unexpectedly on 27th March whilst editing our latest film on the poetess, Sappho. We had only known Philip for 6 weeks but in that time, he had become an integral part of the Maya Vision team and we are all deeply shocked and saddened by his passing. Philip was always cheerful, friendly and made time to help, teach and offer advice to everyone in the office on all aspects of life. Philip was interested in everything – from the latest technical developments in the TV world to how to make the best healthiest drink (sweet potato, carrot and ginger apparently!) which he generously shared with all of us. Quite apart from his renowned editing skills, it was his relentlessly positive attitude and calm presence that we all admired so much.

We held our first screening of the film for the BBC the afternoon before Philip died and everyone was delighted with what Philip had achieved in just four short weeks.  We are now working to finish what he started in his memory.

We all miss him desperately. Our thoughts are with Lalita, his wife and children, Sophie and Daniel.



Fun filming Sappho on Lesbos!

Now in post-production for our new programme Sappho. Look out for it in BBC Four’s ‘Age of Heroes’ in April 2015.

More updates closer to the time, but for now here are some photos of our crew filming in beautiful Greece with the knowledgeable Margaret Mountford.

Filming on the beach in Lesbos with Margaret Mountford

Filming on the beach in Lesbos with Margaret Mountford

Pretentious or what?Cameraman Fred Fabre and director Jack MacInnes playing filmmaking!

Pretentious or what? Cameraman Fred Fabre and director                            Jack MacInnes playing filmmaking!

Attack of the drone!!!

Attack of the drone!!!

It's a Sapphie not a Selfie!

It’s a Sapphie not a Selfie!